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Chances are good you’re here because you are searching for the right treatment for your migraine. If you’re looking for ways to manage your migraines without medicine or with less medicine, you’ve come to the right place. Less medicine can mean more life. Okay, let’s talk about how the Lehigh Valley Chiropractic’s migraine treatments might just be the answer you are looking for.

Chiropractic Care and Migraine Relief

Chiropractic adjustments and manual (hands-on) therapies have been shown to be safe and effective for the treatment of migraines. Thousands upon thousands of patients have found migraine relief with chiropractic treatments.

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In an Evidence Report published by Duke University Evidence-Cased Practice Research Center for Clinical Health Policy Research, the effects of drug-free options for headache are discussed. The authors concluded the following: “Cervical spine manipulation was associated with improvement in headache outcomes in two trials involving patients with neck pain and or/neck dysfunction and headache. Manipulation appeared to result in immediate improvement in headache severity when used to treat episodes of cervicogenic headache when compared with an attention-placebo control. Furthermore, when compared to soft tissue therapies, a course of manipulation treatments resulted in sustained improvement in headache frequency and severity.”

Nutrition and Migraine Headache

In addition to your chiropractic adjustments, we strongly feel that when you eat clean, you feel clean. What eat affects how you feel and how you heal! Learn what to eat, when to eat and how to eat for your health with YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition.

In addition to chiropractic migraine treatments our Dr. Kristen Bentson’s YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition Program, exercise and stress management make a lot of difference when it comes to treating migraines. That’s why we offer strategies for stress management, will provide you with therapeutic exercises and work closely (in office) with a yoga therapist.


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