Migraine Triggers

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Migraine sufferers are always looking for their migraine triggers. Figuring out migraine triggers can often be tricky. Studies show that migraine triggers can be as variable as stress, hormonal imbalance, not eating often enough, changes in weather, difficulty sleeping, olfactory (smell) stimulants, sitting in front of a TV/computer, neck pain, lights (especially flashing lights), alcohol, certain foods, smoke, sleeping-in, heat, intense exercise, and sexual activity.

Management Migraine Headache Triggers

In addition to treating your migraine pain, we also want to help you to manage your migraine triggers. We are convinced that treating your migraine is all about treating you. You are more than your migraines. Chiropractic care, chiropractic adjustments and manual (hands-on therapies) are very effective and safe for treating your pain and managing your migraines. But we also know that you’ve got to work on three major trigger factors: diet, exercise and stress management. Together, we can work to identify and eliminate migraine triggers.


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