First Office Visit

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Lehigh Valley Chiropractic Reception Area

Our goal is to provide gentle and effective hands-on chiropractic care in a relaxing environment.

  • Contact our office by calling 610-868-6800 or submitting a contact form on our Contact Us page. If submitting a contact form, please include your ideal appointment time.
  • Prior to arriving at our office you will be contacted by our billing coordinator, Holly, to verify your chiropractic benefits. Lehigh Valley Chiropractic accepts most major insurances–Dr Bentson is a ‘Tier 1’ provider for Capital Blue Cross and American Specialty Health.
  • At your initial visit you will meet with the doctor who will take your health history and perform a physical exam. Depending on your condition, other tests (blood work, special imaging, metabolic rate analysis etc.) may be ordered. The doctors at LVC make every effort to review all tests in a timely fashion and will provide you with results as quickly as possible.
  • The doctor will then develop a treatment strategy and management plan. Treatments offered at LVC include all hands-on techniques including spinal adjustments, mobilization, lumbar distraction, myofascial release techniques, Active Release Technique® and corrective therapeutic exercise.
  • If your condition requires treatments that are not provided at our facility, an appropriate referral will be made. If at any time you have questions with regard to your care, please feel free to ask.


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