How Are Migraines Diagnosed

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Migraine Diagnosis is generally based off your history and exam. Often, migraine headaches are precipitated by an aura. For many people, an aura is the first sign that a migraine is brewing. What’s it like when you have an aura? Well a lot of people describe a focal area of blindness, increased sensitivity to light, sensitivity to smells and noise, seeing zigzagging bright light waves, nausea and occasionally numbness. When these symptoms precede a migraine, the migraine diagnosis is–migraine with aura. However, not all people with migraines suffer from auras. They are diagnosed with migraine without aura.

Chiropractic Exam for Migraine Headache

Chiropractic migraine diagnosis will also involve a clinical exam that will focus on your head and neck. Commonly, migraine sufferers will notice an increase in muscle tightness and tension in their face, neck and jaw. Additionally, the joints in the neck can be very restricted. With a chiropractic exam for migraine diagnosis, we notice that if we can reproduce your symptoms, we can generally help to reduce them.

Migraine diagnosis doesn’t necessarily require imaging like MRI or CT or blood work. However, sometimes further testing is ordered to rule out other causes of your symptoms.

The chiropractors at Lehigh Valley Chiropractic are trained to diagnose and treat your headache pain.

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