Pediatric Low Back Pain

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Kids Get Back Pain Too…

Did you know that 50% of children and young adults under the age of 20 experience back pain and 15% suffer from chronic back pain? Although disorders of the spine are less common in children, the pediatric population is not immune to musculoskeletal pain. Many young people are involved in aggressive sporting activities that may increase their risk of injury. At Lehigh Valley Chiropractic, we treat the common causes of musculoskeletal pain with non-invasive and modified (depending on the patient’s size) techniques.

In a Canadian study published in 2003, pediatric back pain patients between the ages of 4-18 were evaluated and managed by a chiropractor. The study concluded the following: “Patients responded favorably to chiropractic management, and there were no reported complications.”  The study also indicates that “‘Important’ improvement was seen in 62% and 87% on the visual analogue [a pain measurement scale] and subjective scales, respectively, within a 6 week course of management.” If you know a young person who is struggling with low back or other musculoskeletal pain, the doctors at Lehigh Valley Chiropractic may be able to help.

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Dr Scott Bentson

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