Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

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What is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

The word stenosis is a term used by medical professionals to describe an abnormal narrowing. Spinal stenosis indicates there is an abnormal narrowing in the spine which may or may not be causing impingement on the spinal cord or your nerves and possibly low back pain. There are several reasons why this narrowing occurs, and the chiropractors at LVC will investigate the root cause. Although this condition is most commonly seen in older individuals, occasionally it occurs in young people.  If you have spinal stenosis, the symptoms you are most likely experiencing include low back pain and leg pain which generally get worse when walking and become improved when you sit or flex forward. If you extend your back, pain usually increases.

How is Spinal Stenosis Diagnosed?

After a thorough history and physical examination, the diagnosis of spinal stenosis may be quite clear. If further information is required, an MRI or CT will be ordered to confirm the presence, cause and extent of narrowing.

What are the Options for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?

At Lehigh Valley Chiropractic, there are two primary methods used to treat lumbar spinal stenosis including flexion distraction manipulation and neural mobilization. Distraction manipulation is a generally painless procedure where you will lie face down on a specialized table. The doctor will treat you by distracting and flexing your low back to reduce the pressure that is being put on your nerves. Patients often note a great deal of relief during the treatment. Neural mobilization is a specific type of exercise which will cause beneficial movement of the painful nerves that originate in the low back. You will also be provided with specific exercises to be performed at home. The number of treatments needed for recovery varies from patient to patient related to back pain symptoms and other factors; on average you can expect about 12 treatments before being released. Our chiropractors are experienced in the treatment of spinal stenosis and related back pain. Whether you have had surgery in the past, are considering surgery or want an alternative to medication and injections, chiropractic is an evidence based conservative approach that may be the answer you have been looking for.


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