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Back Pain Solution--LVC Difference | Lehigh Valley ChiropracticEight of every 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Chances are good that you're one of them. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability in people under age 45 and the third leading cause of disability in individuals over 45. We get it. Back pain is a real problem for a lot of people. Whether your back pain is acute or chronic, we've got solutions. Chiropractors are trained as non-surgical spine specialists. The Doctors of Chiropractic at Lehigh Valley Chiropractic manage back pain without all those injections, drugs, gimmicky back pain relief appliances, muscle relaxers, or surgery. The chiropractors at LVC have effective relief strategies and solutions for managing your back pain like as spinal manipulation (also known as chiropractic adjustments), mobilization, flexion-distraction (spinal decompression), Active Release Technique®, trigger point therapy, and therapeutic exercise.

Is chiropractic safe and effective for treating low back pain?

Time and again, chiropractic is shown to be a useful, safe and preferred method for treating back pain. At Lehigh Valley Chiropractic, spinal manipulation (chiropractic treatments/adjustments) is combined with manual therapy, trigger point and myofascial therapy, and therapeutic exercise in order to provide you with the fastest results. Unlike most other treatment methods for low back pain (injections, medication, surgery), chiropractic is generally not associated with serious side effects. The most common side effect is a temporary increase in spinal pain. Most often, after the initial increase in discomfort is preceded with relief and increased range of motion. The doctors at this Bethlehem chiropractic practice are highly trained and skilled in the art and science of chiropractic adjustments. Click here to learn more about the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Consumers are Satisfied Customers

The consumers reported and chiropractors are the best choice when it comes to satisfaction with back pain treatments. In a recent Consumer Report Survey evaluating “Relief for your aching back,” chiropractic treatments were rated highest (59%) followed by spinal injections (51%), massage (48%) and physical therapy (46%). When asked who helped the most, the percentage of people who were completely or very satisfied with their “back-pain treatments and advice” ranked Doctors of Chiropractic at the top of their list (59%) followed by physical therapists (55%), acupuncturists (53%), physician specialists (44%) and primary care-doctors (34%). “About 80 percent of the adults in the U.S. have been bothered by back pain at some point. The Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center recently surveyed more than 14,000 subscribers who experienced lower-back pain in the past year but never had back surgery. More than half said the pain severely limited their daily routine for a week or longer, and 88 percent said it recurred throughout the year.” Chiropractic worked for Consumer Reports’ readers and may work for you or someone you know who is suffering with back pain. Chiropractors are non-surgical spine specialists who focus on the evaluation and management of spinal pain. With years of extensive training, Doctors of Chiropractic are fully qualified to treat spine and other musculoskeletal disorders. Click here to learn more about why consumers love chiropractic.

How to Avoid Back Surgery

Come here first!! One of the best predictors of whether or not you will need back surgery is whether or not you first see a surgeon. Get this--one study looked at workers with back pain and found that 42.7% of workers who saw the surgeon first had back surgery in contrast to 1.5% of those who first saw a chiropractor. If you really need surgery, we will get you to the right place, but we strongly feel that our back pain solutions can keep you from ever needing to go under the knife. Click here to learn more about how to avoid back surgery.

Wondering if your back pain is being caused by a lumbar disc herniation/"slipped disc"?

Lumbar disc herniation is a common cause of lower back pain. If you're wondering if your back pain is due to a herniated or bulging disc, you've come to the right place. The chiropractors at Lehigh Valley Chiropractic are specially trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. If you've got low back pain that is accompanied by radiating (traveling) pain down your leg, you might have a "hot" low back disc or what feels like a "slipped disc". Our back pain solutions are specially customized to treating disc herniation. We've also got management strategies that will help you to prevent future occurrences of low back and radiating leg pain. Click here to learn more about lumbar disc herniation.

How to Avoid Needles and Spinal Injections Used to Treat Lower Back Pain

We deliver effective low back pain relief without the use of medication, needles, spinal injections, or surgery. Chiropractic is proven to be a safe method for treating pain. For any type of treatment that you undergo, there are risks and benefits. Spinal injections, while sometimes useful and necessary for reducing inflammation (and in certain rare circumstances, we will recommend injection prior to chiropractic therapy), are associated with a few serious risks including infection, dural puncture, bleeding, fever, damage to the hip joint, etc. In order to avoid needles and spinal injections, avoid the pain management doctors who prescribe them and try chiropractic first. The Lehigh Valley Chiropractic approach is to exhaust every conservative treatment method available before resorting to invasive measures.

What to do when you think your "back went out"

We see it every day! You walk into our office sort of crooked, bent over and in a lot of pain. Or, you've just got a lot of discomfort and decreased ability to move. You feel like your back "went out" or like something slipped out of place. One of the first things you should do is call the office to schedule your appointment. Next, do the best you can to move. We know, it's counter intuitive. You've got pain and you feel like you've got to avoid moving all together. But, gentle movements can be effective in alleviating discomfort in the long run. Additionally, if your pain is acute (just started and feels severe), using an ice pack on the region for about 15 minutes every hour can be helpful. Additionally, topical pain relievers like Biofreeze, Tiger Balm, or Sombra cream can be of help.


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