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Living Well through Pregnancy

You are going to be a mom! This is an exciting time full of changes both emotionally and physically. The doctors at Lehigh Valley Chiropractic are dedicated to serving women throughout the course of their pregnancy. From the first day you realize you are expecting, you may have questions regarding nutrition, exercise, and safe methods of pain management. There are strategies that you can easily implement in order to maximize your health during pregnancy. Pregnant patients may greatly benefit from the services offered at Lehigh Valley Chiropractic. Studies have shown that treatments rendered by chiropractors may enable patients to achieve pain relief during pregnancy without the use of medications. In addition to spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques, Dr. Bentson employs supplementary evidence-based strategies for the reduction low back pain in pregnancy. Women who are pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, and those who are breastfeeding may also benefit from personalized nutritional services provided at LVC.

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy. In fact, about 50% of pregnant women suffer from back pain. A woman's body changes to accommodate the growing baby and in preparation for delivery. For example: alterations in hormones (such as relaxin which causes joint laxity), postural changes, changes in the center of gravity, stretching of ligaments, and circulatory adjustments all predispose a pregnant woman to back pain. Chiropractic care for pregnancy related back pain is a natural and drug-free alternative, and many expectant mothers experience the relief they are seeking.



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2597 Schoenersville Rd, Suite 308
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Phone: 610-868-6800
Office Hours and Directions
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